indoor aviary 3

a scarlet macaw?


IMG_6103i think this may be Ara macao although the colours do vary a lot from the nominate race.  maybe it was modelled on an aviary bird?  anyway it is a real screech in the indoor aviary.  looks fab.  i love it.  the clock works but i can’t be bothered winding it every day.  only on special occasions.  haven’t found one yet.  it is from the dutch manufacturer jema who mass produced “lustre” porcelain.  it was formed by two brothers and ran from 1942 until about 1984 when the company went belly up.  a pity, they made cool stuff.  a victim of modern day ‘sophistication’.  my foot.  they made a lot of mantle clocks and figurines.  it is not that expensive but it seems jema is becoming a popular collection item, even in australia.  this fellow flew all the way from the uk to join my other indoor aviary members.  i didn’t take a photo of the base it seems.  from memory it has jema stamped with a number, no inked mark.  all my ave members are in storage while the indoor aviary is renovated.  some of my tribe who think the collection is creepy doubt that the spruced up indoor aviary will feature as many interesting and varied species.  they use droll phrases like “less is more”.  i have no doubt more is better.  i have another jema piece that i will feature next time.

btw, i have seen Ara macao a couple of times in the jungle rain forests of costa rica.  one was poking its head out of a nest hole way, way up a giant tree.  so colourful when they fly, they really look splendid.

when i feature another member of the indoor aviary you will find it here