birds have the best musical language.  both the most ancient and freshest music.

so don’t try and call like a bird.  here are few try hards that warble on about avian matters, some better than others.  take or leave my view

call imitator my view
caged bird sings buckshot le fonque excellent
little bird the eels nice
i’m like a bird nelly furtado no she is not, but she looks nice, good try
albatross fleetwood mac the fleetwood mac, before fleetwood mac.  excellent
when doves cry prince good
pretty flamingo manfred mann should have stuck to singing about girls
ride a white swan t-rex still good
and your bird can sing peck,
blackbird beatles peck,
free as a bird and peck
bye bye blackbird all crooners and caberet singers goodbye
starlings   elbow not bad
great skua  british sea power best of this bunch , plenty of good calls to be heard
rooks  shearwater too theatric and dramatic, most unlike a puffinus
rockin’ robin jackson 5 out of respect …
disco duck rick dees ad his cast of idiots yep, they are
eagle rock daddy cool nup, they are not
surfin’ bird (bird is the word) the trashmen peter is forgiven

  these flocks have an acknowledged birder doing the call.  guy garvey calling in elbow, martin noble calling in british sea power,  jonathon meiburg calling in shearwater.  british sea power are far and way the best of these bands.  elbow and shearwater sound whiny, too earnest.  perhaps they take themselves too seriously?

i have heard that jimmy cauty from the klf is also a birder.  justified and ancient is a great tune.  something about driving an ice cream van. to mu mu land.  bring the beat back

other callers name their flocks after birds.  here are some that may be of interest

the black crowes (southern rock) ♫  blackbird blackbird (electro pop) ♫ cuckoo chaos(alternative) ♫ the eagles (easy listening) ♫ electric bird noise (instrumental) ♫ electric birds (electronic) ♫ emperor penguin (electronic) ♫ the fabulous thunderbirds (rock) ♫ a flock of seagulls (new wave) ♫ futurebirds (indie) ♫ hawkwind (prog rock) ♫ the low flying owls (rock) ♫ the mynabirds (alternative) ♫ noel gallagher’s high flying birds (alternative)

my all time favourite 5 sounds right now are;

call by close seconds by
waterloo sunset the kinks thirteen alex chilton and big star
don’t talk the beach boys
brass in pocket the pretenders spooky classics iv
sweet virginia the rolling stones
ooh la la the faces
annie ronnie lane the senator’s daughter fountains of wayne
my song leon russell
brass buttons gram parsons
sympathy for the devil the rolling stones close by me the cure
1969 the stooges the 59 sound the gaslight anthem
road runner the modern lovers

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