indoor aviary 2

a cockatoo

is this a Cacatua leadbeateri?IMG_6069certainly it is from the family Cacatuidae, however artistic licence or ignorance hasn’t done this cocky any favours.  the crest seems way off, missing the gorgeous red and yellow.  i have seen a much larger and more definite Cacatua leadbeateri by royal dux where the crest is erect and has the lines of red and yellow.  of course this could be something else, suggestions welcome.  the image doesn’t show it however the feet are zygodactylous.  the figure is not life sized.

this bird, perched on a blue flowering stem (yep) does brighten up the indoor aviary.  in fact i have two of these, but that is another story typical of the confounded birder.

the maker is royal dux, a czech company established in the mid nineteenth century.  dux was the orignial name of the village (now duchov) in the province of bohemia.  they make a wide variety of decorative porcelain and remain in business.  i have no idea how they picked a cockatoo, probs because they are popular caged birds around the world.

there is no date i can see on the piece, however the stamp includes the words czech republic indicating it was manufactured post 1990.

triangles seem the favoured mark of royal dux, two on the base and the original shop label on the stem.

i don’t know if royal dux retails in australia. this piece migrated from the uk to its home in wa.

when the next member is featured you will be able to find it here