indoor aviary 1

an owl

IMG_6153my indoor aviary got its start in buenos aries.  we were strolling the san telmo sunday markets and hit the antique strip on defensa.  saw this fantastic owl in the window of an indiana jones type of shop called imhotep.  apparently an ancient egyptian diety.  buzzed in, inquired about the price, buzzed out.  couldn’t stop thinking about this piece.  said to be german turn of the century, came to argentina after ww2, umm, don’t think too deeply

during our time in patagonia i just couldn’t get this owl out of my head.  i was crazy about it, i just had to have it.  so … about to depart argentina, we dashed from buenos aries airport to the shop in a taxi driven by juan fangio, paid a pile of cash, and it was by my side.  truly more complicated than that, but i was in love

i don’t know what species it is so it simply remains an owl

IMG_6159truth is nobody knows its provenance.  here is a photo of the base and what is left of the mark. some pathetic previous owner decided this magnificent porcelain needed enhancing by wiring a light inside the bird.  so they chipped the hole bigger to fit an incandescent  globe in.  you can see the wires.  fortunately no damage.  never known an owl to glow in the dark, more the opposite

it would be good to find out more about who the manufacturer was etc etc  so if you have any info please send me a contact call

i will put up other members of the indoor aviary as time unfolds.  i have a few, the owl was getting really lonely perched on the bookcase by itself.  other members of the tribe call the indoor aviary creepy and over-the-top.  silly aren’t they?

when the next member is featured you will be able to find it here