i am not a foodie.  i am a sucker for a good feed and it shows.


some recipes i have collected

blue cheese dressing

pasta with eggs, garlic and pancetta


and some i made up myself

risotto prima vera with king prawn pieces

beef, barley & vegetable soup

pea and ham soup

atlantic salmon – rules for cooking a perfect fillet


i will put up some new prey items so long as my enthusiasm lasts

my retirement from full time toil beckons.  more time to go birding.  last day of October 2013.  i have set my sights on becoming the neighbourhood king of scones.  i like them.  i just gotta figure out how to cook ‘em.  my grandmother was champ at cheese scones, date scones and pumpkin scones.  hopefully it runs in the blood.  it better - i don’t have any hand-down recipes.  my king-of-scones recipes will be published here.  soon.