indoor aviary 7

an african grey parrot

IMG_6062Psittacus erithacus is a famous avian species, renowned for its intelligence.  The primary rainforests in west african nations, congo, guinea and guinea-bissau are  home to Psittacus erithacus.  numbers are threatened due to the exotic pet trade.  i say if you want a pet parrot, get an indoor aviary type like mine.  it’s kinder.  this smart fellow came to me from canada.  i figure the relative warmth of perth, western australia is more to its liking.  i will have to tweak the micro climate to make sure the indoor aviary gets a bit of jungle.  not sure the mrs is on board, something about this being a ridiculous concept.  leave it with me …

two of the most famous Psittacus erithacus are birds who were named alex and einstein.  alex (dec. 2007) was featured in many scientific studies.  he was said to be able to engage in a form of two way communication including displaying emotions and could perform simple addition.  alex was smarter than a dolphin or great ape!  einstein was less cognitive and more of a circus performer – accomplished in mimicry and cussing.  my fellow is yet to speak.  but doesn’t he have an inquiring look?  it must contribute to this species’ avian intelligence super powers

Psittacus erithacus can have long lives.  50 or so years in captivity, a lot longer in the wild.  best leave them there


this Psittacus erithacus comes from the karl ens porcelain studio.  this studio and other sculpture artists were part of the volkstedt manufactory located in eastern germany.  a green provenance mark suggests it was made pre ww2.  possibly 75 years old, about average for Psittacus erithacus.  many more lively years are expected for this piece.  there doesn’t seem to be very much info on the web about karl ens birds but the range is huge.  prices vary from a few dollars, up

with such wisdom Psittacus erithacus demands to be kept engaged.  for this reason i position this piece near a window in the indoor aviary.  the bird can look out and engage with the world and use its brain

when i feature another member of the indoor aviary it can be found here