indoor aviary 6

IMG_6122 a grey partridge

i don’t know much about partridges.  i think this one may be Perdix perdix.  nice name.  found across europe thru to western asia.  this is the only one i have seen.  the species is widely hunted.  including in north america where it runs wild as an exotic.  nobody will be bringing this fellow down with a pellet.  safe as houses in the indoor aviary.  i will try and get a better photo.  because these aves are hunted they like to remain cryptic

this ave sometimes goes under the common name of “hun”.  therefore no coincidence that the maker of this beauty is herend, domiciled in hungary

here is the maker’s mark. IMG_6124 provenance is difficult.  i saw one sell for a couple of hundred quid not long ago.  no wonder some people want to shoot them.  it had a suggested birth in 1915 but had a different mark.  i suspect my Perdix perdix may be more recent.  no biggie, no way this guy is leaving the indoor aviary.  he is too well behaved

herend is a town in hungary and the porcelain factory bearing its name is renowned for its luxury hand painted pieces.  it was founded in 1826.  in 1948 it was nationalised under the commo regime.  herend was privatised in 1993 and is now mostly owned by management and staff.  nice

my beauty migrated across the steppes to hong kong.  i helped it escape the pot by assisting its passage to the indoor aviary

my nest renovations are getting closer to completion.  i plan to put Perdix perdix on the floor of the indoor aviary so it can scratch around to keep busy.  best practice is to try and  duplicate life histories.  other members of my flock don’t agree with its placement.  let alone re-establishing the indoor aviary in the new nest.   something about a vacuum cleaner.  what’s that?

 when i feature another member of the indoor aviary you will find it here