donnelly river village

time to pack the ‘cruiser again.  31 may 13.  planning to leave work early (again) and head to donnelly river village 326k se of perth.  it is at the locus of nannup – bridgetown – manjimup.  a long weekend so will have 2 full days there.  going with the missus and friends.  you get it, things like log fires, chit chat, wine (pepsi max for me), foodie stuff, walks and so forth.  i was in sydney recently on another missus weekend to watch the dockers and other display.  no time for a ramble with the bins.  not gonna happen this time.  walking a section of the bibbulmun track is part of the plan – hope there are some decent birds.  usual procedure will be put in place here as the mob charges ahead.  my standing pleas are  ”don’t wait for me”, “i’ll catch up”, “go ahead, i’ve seen something” etc etc.  non-birders don’t get a birder’s walk in the bush.  should be good as long as it isn’t pissing down.

didn’t leave work early.  caught in south-bound traffic.  how do you get a traffic jam on a freeway?  dark night by mandurah.  past the turn-off to mclarty.  more about this beaut spot in another expedition.  navigate the sw and brockman highway blackness.  arrive [0405437, 6226003]  get warm (log fire).  talk (chit chat and wine/pepsi).  supper (foodie stuff).  read (so forth).  bed.

wake up.  its cold and clear.  perfect for bird watching, perfect for photo-ing.  fab thing this village.  there are more birds around our shieling than in the forest.  impressive these karri trees.  don’t know why people want to chop them down.  took the mob to willow springs on gold gully road [0400873, 6232160]  dropped them to walk the 11k back to the camp on the bibbulmun track.  i see and here some cool birds but none oblige the camera.  Petroica multicolor, Colluricincla harmonica, Malurus splendens, M. elegans and Acanthiza apicalis were in abundance.

many different species  of coloured fungi soaking up positions of moisture.022720130601_0228

i drove back to the camp to see if the aves were any more cooperative in front of the lens.  ok i wanted to tune into the mighty dockers.  double triumph, the village birds are much more confiding.  mostly the same species that were in the forest.  good to see Climacteris rufa inhabiting the village even if it avoided the camera.


013420130602_0135a really top spot for a bit of relaxed birding.  plenty of calls, plenty of movement.  i just scratched the surface really concentrating on photos.  i will put them up in views at some point when i get organised.  an Acanthorhynchus superciliosus teased me silly all weekend, lurking in the depths of trees and shrubs in the garden.  next time.

not sure where the next expedition is heading, but when i get underway you will find it here.