indoor aviary 4

a toucan

this one is a beauty.  another piece from jema of holland.  jema specialised in “lustre ware”.  i guess this makes toucans walk ups for this genre.  see here for more.  this ripper flew all the way from the uk to join the indoor aviary.  i don’t know much about Ramphastidae, so this one will have to live for the time being simply as a toucan.  i have seen Ramphastos sulfuratus in costa rica.  a few years earlier i went to iguazu where everyone says “did you see the toucans?”  no.

IMG_6085this is the only piece i have seen from jema that is stylized in contemporary form.  they made plenty of cartoonish cute pieces which don’t have much appeal.  i tried 2x to get this fellow before i was successful.  the long migration has had its effect on the bird’s health, picking up an eye infection in the manner of glaucoma.  i will restore its health with some black ointment in due course

the toucan is perfectly happy to perch on the mantle, close to Ara macao.  not surprising, they inhabit the same dense rainforest in central america.  it is good to be able to replicate ecological balance.  this is why talk by other members of my flock to dismantle the indoor aviary when nest renovations are complete is so uninformed and reckless.  isolation of populations may promote speciation – who knows what evolution may produce in this circumstance.  new species may arrive.  best leave things alone

when i feature another member of the indoor aviary you will find it here